English Name: Berkyuros, Beru
Korean Name: 벨큐로스
Japanese Name: ベルキュロス
Type of Monster: Wyvern
Special Attacks: Super Nova (instant KO), Bite, Thunder Beam, Tail Whip
Elements & Status Effects
Element: Thunder
Status Effects
Breakable(s): Tail, Side Tail (2) Wings, Horns, Back
Weakest to: Slashing on back and body, Blunt in head

and shot in wings and tail, Ice on all, and weak to Poison

Death Sign:
Habitats: Canyon
Time of day: All

Beru attacks:

Lightning Pounce - Pounces, producing four lightning bolts on the ground. Damage: Low - Medium

Lightning Bite - Backs up slightly before biting with electricity. Causes paralysis. Medium damage.

Tail whip - Spins twice, causing damage with the tail. Similar to that of other wyverns. Damage: Low - Medium

Lightning Whip - Similar to above, but increased range and damage. Medium to High damage.

Lightning Wing Extention Slam - Slams down an electrically charged wing extension, leaving behind a bit of electricity. Medium damage.

Lightning Tail Attack - While in flight mode, usually with a hunter behind, Beru crashes to the ground, sending 2-3 electric shock waves behind him. Medium damage.

Lightning Beam - Fires a continuous and very powerful beam of electricity at the target, following the hunter for the duration of the attack. Similar to that of Rajang. Medium - Very High damage.

Lightning Wing Extention Sweep Attack - Very similar to the Extension Slam; drags an electrically charged wing extension along the ground, leaving behind some electricity. Medium - Very High damage.

Double Wing Extention sweep attack - Sweeps both wing extensions before him while in flight mode. High damage.

Flying Sweep Attack - Flies at speed in a circle. Low - Medium damage.

Low Charged Wyvern Bite - Bites at the hunter with a slight charge. Low - Medium damage.

Charged dive bomb - Dives at the hunter with an electrically charged body while flying. Low - Medium damage.

Blos Charge - Growls before charging, similar to that of a Blos. Medium damage.

Electrical Outburst - Discharges electricity from his body up to three times. Has a surprising range. Medium to high damage.

SuperNova - Beru's strongest attack. After flying up high into the air, he dives straight down at the hunter, causing an immense blast of electricity with an amazingly long range. Damage: Fatal to Apocalyptic. You will not survive this.