This page is made for little tidbits and what not you might not be told about or come about yourself. Try to seprate it into Frontier; for frontier additions that oldies might not know, Monster Hunter; for people who are new to MH in general and unsure.

Frontier Edit

  • The hunt comes from within. Dont let anyone tell you your armor sucks or your weapon is too weak. THEY are too weak.
  • Armor with high defense is for scrubs. You are going to die in one or two hits regardless so the only thing that matters is that you leave a good looking corpse.
  • You have a secondary storage, which can be used to store crafting goods while you keep battle and combination goods in your main storage.
  • The cat to the right of the entrance of your farm is linked to your account; all characters on your account can access materials from it.
  • ESP as an armor skill and hunting horn buff do not exist. There are still attacks that do not cause the bouncing animation, but do incredibly reduced damage due to how the game calculates bounces.
  • You can disable videos on the launcher by clicking the checkbox under them. This will not take effect until next launch.

Monster Hunter Edit

  • You can eat food to the max of 150 stamina, 100 is the default maximum, higher quality cooked gives more stamina.
  • You can drink nutrients to increase your health by 10 up to 150, default 100. There are many items that do this (and for cheaper.) (Was going to link the recipe page listing a few of these but can't seem to find it now, think someone deleted it)

Unsure Edit

  • Probably frontier only: There are multiple storage upgrades you can get; two are storage only upgrades and at least two more house upgrades that upgarde your house and storage. First house upgrade is open from the start and the second one at 30, may be more later. Note that the house ones are more expensive. (Picture of NPC later)