Item List Edit


The Catalyst is used in many item combinations.

Power SeedEdit

Creating the Attack Gem.

Armor SeedEdit

Creating the Defense Gem.


  • It is used for: Restoring lost health (mission only)
Brewing the G Health Potion.
  • Where to obtain: It is sold in the pub by the lady in pink.
It can be found in the supply chest at the start of every mission, and is resupplied for each sub goal that you complete.

How to Combine items Edit

To combine items, press ESC, navigate to the menu second from the top then the menu that has a 2 in it. After that, you simply select the first item (the order you select them in does not matter) then the second. The game will ask you to confirm that yes, you really want to combine these items. If you succeed you will find the new item in your inventory, and if you fail you will find an item with a grey question mark icon that sells for 1z. Just get rid of it and try again.

  • Note: when you combine items, you are unable to toggle icons, so you will have to remember where the items are in your inventory.
  • Once you have successfully combined an item once there is an old man who will combine items for you with a 100% success rate, for a small fee.

Common Recipes Edit



Effect: Used in a wide variety of combinations

Combine Honey and Bitterbug

Demon DrugEdit

Demon drug recipe

This picture shows the two ingredients for the Demon Drug.

Effect: Increases damage.

The Demon Drug is made by combining a Catalyst with a Power Seed.

Armor SkinEdit

Armor Skin Recipe

This picture shows the two ingredients for the Armor Skin potion.

Effect: Increases damage resistance.

The Armor Skin potion is made by combining a Catalyst with an Armor Seed.

G Health PotionEdit

Health potion G recipe

the ingredients required for the G Health Potion.

Effect: Restore a lot more health than the regular health potion.

The G Health Potion is brewed with Honey and Health Potions.