Training School Edit

  • The training school is located at the 헌터 도장 npc.(see quests)
  • There are 3 main things you can do
  1. Run Training Quests
  2. Enter PvP at the 대투기장 npc(Inactive till Training Quests Completed!)
  3. Use Training Points to purchase rewards

Why run Training Quests?

  • Through them, you get some swanky special armors and weapons. Most of the weapons are just for show, but once fully upgraded, the weapons can be very powerful!
  • You can only run PvP after having completed all the training quests. Basically a big game of Pokemon with MH monsters.
  • The MANLY spit for 36000 Training Points. For the true bros.

Running Training Quests Edit

  • Talk to the 헌터 도장 NPC
  • The options are as follows
  1. Training Quests: Leads to two options General & Arena quests.
  2. Training Point Shop: Spend training points gained on items like coins, tickets, MANLY spits.
  3. Training Info: Nothing but words words words
  • Once a Training Quest is selected, you'll have a blue marker above your head.
  • Any fellow hunters can join in by checking the Quest Board.
  • Begin the quest by entering the ready area.

Quest Rules Edit

  • You will be given a choice of different weapon and armor loadouts before beginning the quest!
Train 4

Selecting a Loadout

  • None of the items in your inventory will appear in the quest!
  • Your supplied items depend on your choice of loadout.
  • Each loadout has a different Training Point Multiplier, it is the % marked in red under your preset items. The higher the multiplier, the more points you get, but it also functions as an indicator of how hard the quest will be with that selection. The base multiplier is always 100%

Gaining/Losing Points Edit

Mhf 20090723 012029 382

Points Lost Message

  • The final reward for a mission depends on a couple things:
  1. Your loadout multiplier
  2. Completion of sub-quests
  3. Special Breaks (eg. Breaking a Diablos horn)
  4. Use of potions (You lose points for using health pots, though buff pots like demon drugs have no effect on your score)
  • Gaining Points is shown in a light blue message.
  • Losing Points is shown in a red message.