So, you grinded your ass out the rookie quests. But what's that? You can't go past level 10? Well, get ready, because there's a urgent quest waiting for you.

Urgent quests are quests that the player need to complete in order to advance to a certain level.

Note: you lose free premium after doing your HR 10 urgent

The urgent quests are:

HR Urgent becomes avaible: Quest objetctive:
10 Slay the Daimyo Hermitaur and 5 Hermitaurs.
16 Slay the Blangonga.
30 Repel/Slay the Shen Gaoren.
40 Slay the Yama Tsukami.
50 Slay the Fatalis.

Select your Urgent at the round notice board and do any of the following 3:
Solo slay any rathian or Pay 500000z or Deliver ??


Solo slay any Rathalos or Pay 1000000z or Deliver 80 검은 동전


Solo slay any Diablos or

Pay 2000000z or

Deliver 160 검은 동전




Solo slay any Lunastra or

Pay loadsamoney or

Deliver 10000 노샨룡 홍옥

For urgent quests under HR100 you can find them at the village elder shown below:


For urgent quests for HR100 and above you can find them at the board at the top right of the town. Select the second option at the board to see urgent quests available.